Sunday, September 4, 2011


It is so important to have the right pair of sole sistas for running.  They literally can make or break your run...leg, shin, knee, hips.  You get the point.  When I was in my teens, I ran in Nike's.  Not only were they pretty much the only pair out there, but they were the popular shoes worn by my hero, Steve Prefontaine.  If he wore them, so did I.  Shoe design has come so far since then.  And so has my feet. I'm not much into fads or the latest techno shoe, but recently I had an injury during a training run and decided, after 35 years of running, an analysis was needed.  I had a, "you can't tell me how to run just by stepping on that pad" attitude.  Yes, I know..I was a bit cocky.  I was young.  But, I hope I'm a bit wiser and somewhat humble now.  A bit. 
Most running stores have the "pad."  Sure, sure, it can give you an idea of what foot type you are; neutral or stability.   However,  there are more variations of just foot type.  There is foot strike.  Do you pronate, over pronate, run on the inside? Outside?   Myself, I am a neutral runner that runs on the outside.  Which led to my hip ailment.  Foot strike is a common controversy amongst runners.  The best thing to do, is just get your analysis done and try on several shoes to see what works for you.  My analysis was done on a treadmill with a movie cam by the intelligent Zach at the Salt Lake Running Company.  It was done within a matter of a few minutes.  I reviewed the 30 second independent film and found out,  I'm what they call, a supinator.  I actually like the sound of that.  I feel I should be wearing a cape with "Sup-A-nator" spelled out on it. 
So, in search of a new shoe I went.  Cape in tow.  Due to the bright color, I was immediately drawn to the Newton like a moth to a flame.  The price..a bit higher than I would normally pay.  So, before buying them,  I thought I'd do a little research.  This is what I found:  This shoe allows you to run naturally.  When running barefoot, you're not landing on your heels.  Landing on your midfoot/forefront is the most natural way to run.  It is also the fastest and more efficient way to run.  They have a lug design on the bottom that propel you forward.  It is the action/reaction technology.  The technology absorbs and then returns energy back to you.  It is based on Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."  Okay.  I'm not a scientist, but I think that's pretty cool!  Of course, I am certainly in favor of being pushed forward.  I wonder what Steve would think.
Discussing shoe possibilities with Zach again,  I tried the Newton's on and it was love at first flight!   I bought a pair.  $175.  Ouch, you might say.  But, "ouch" is what I was saying before I bought these.  Really, hip surgery would have been a bit more.  Quite a bit.  With any new shoe there is a period of adjustment.  I am a fan of inserts.  I found the insert that worked for me.  In my humble opinion, find out what Newton's would be best for you.  There are a variety styles and colors.  They also have a 125-175 dollar range.  I advise warming up to them.  Give it time.  Let the healing begin.  Run a few short runs before your long one.  After my 20-miler, I had virtually no pain what-so-ever.  What a relief.  Worth the money right there!  Another few short runs, one 12-miler, and my feet are now one with the shoes.  They are lightweight, comfortable and breathable.  The best part,  I definitely feel that I am running a bit faster.   My  marathon is just days away, and I have to say, I'm pretty darn excited about "running a bit faster."
Sure, some girls love diamonds.  Me, I prefer running shoes.  My third pair this year.  This pair ..the perfect cut and color.  And what girl doesn't love running with a mad scientist.  Yep, it's Newton and me.  Sir Isaac Newton!  My "reaction"...pure love.