Monday, January 6, 2014

Kids say the darnedest things. Thanks Maria!

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>When a race date is set, we runners usually have a goal that we have mentally set for ourselves. We either share it on Facebook, confidently tell another runner friend, or quietly keep it to ourselves. Either way, we do have a goal. A couple of my marathons consisted with a timed goal, however, a blast at the 2013 Boston Marathon, and an injury in Chicago marathon kept me from my self-proclaimed win. I would always say, "time to adjust your goal." And that always worked. HOWEVER, my daughter's quipped phrase is much more regal than mine. I liked it very much, and so I asked her where she came up with it. She had told me her professor from graduate school would often say it to the class. She said that he sometimes would create a situation where the students would have to quickly adjust their plans. I thought it was clever. I asked if I could use it. An exuberant, "YES," was her reply. This is the story of my new daily mantra.
Mr. Disney's accolades.

A week or so ago, my family and I were excited to visit "The Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives" showcase at The Museum of Science Industry in Chicago. After contemplating on whether to purchase on line, then, with a slight regret, decided not to purchase on-line tickets, but proud I had organized and early family outing, we bundled up and headed out the door with anticipation of the day. We arrived and approached the ticket counter. "Four for the Disney Exhibit, please," I requested.  "I'm sorry, but we are all sold out. The tickets go rather quickly," he said. "We only sell so many an hour," he added. Then he said something that makes you grit your teeth and give a grumbled sigh, "Best to purchase them on-line." "Are you kidding?" For some reason I felt the need to give in to the young lad and protest about how I wanted to purchase on-line tickets, but that we were unable to get student discounts, and that it never said anything about limited tickets! Ugh, out of breath. Of course, he didn't care and why should he? He was only doing his job. The situation aggravated me in that my day had ceased from it's original organized plan. My methodical mind had now gone awry.

The very first Disneyland admission ticket. $1.00
I'm not proud to say I was a child on the verge of a tantrum. Exercising my right to complain, I whined, "What are we going to do now?" I could now see my children were disappointed, but more, they were a bit perplexed at my actions as I am usually pretty good at taking a positive spin on a mishap. I tried to reason with them, or rationalize to myself of my irrational behavior. Then, my daughter said something that caught my ear and snapped me back to my normal understanding of an unorganized world. "It's okay, mom. Champions adjust!" I paused for a very brief second and asked, "What?" She replied, "Champions adjust!" Instantly, we all gathered our thoughts, made new plans, and went to lunch. 

Chicago skis out the storm. Champions.
It has been a bitterly painful cold here in Chicago. Today it is a balmy -14 and with the wind, it has a real feel of -45 degrees. All schools closed, stay-in warnings, and most flights cancelled. Holy Jack Frost, it is cold! Luckily, Mondays are my rest day. But I'm training for the Boston Marathon and as last year, I vowed to give nothing but my best!! How do you do your Sunday long run in weather like this? The coldest weather I have run is 5 degrees with no wind with only 7 miles. But, this cold...this cold is painful cold. It is frustrating cold. Frustrating to find your footing, to not have a somewhat tempo and even run, to always having to keep your head down due to the wind. I want to stay in. Even for an intrinsic self-disciplined runner such as myself, I WANT TO STAY IN! I want to get into an oversized sweater, bulky socks, drink a cup of hot tea, put on the fire, cuddle in a tatted comfy afghan, and stare OUT the window versus staring in. But again, I vowed to give Boston my very best didn't I?! So, how do you run in weather like this?

Basement running. It's not pretty, but..Champions adjust!
Well, this is how. You get up, get your running gear on, put your snow layers on over that, and say, "Champions adjust!" I headed down to my apartment basement, where my treadmill now resides-you have to go out to go in- (please don't get me started on that,) delayered my snow clothes, a quick set of jumping jacks, and with the dog always at my side, hopped up on my treadmill and ran 10 miles. I completed my goal, finished for the day. It was warm, easy and I ran strong visualizing my Boston 2014 finish line. Sometimes with tears, sometimes with grit, many times with a smile. For an hour and I half, I was proud of myself. Now, I can gather my sweater, socks, tea, and afghan. I had adjusted. I was a champion. 

If we are looking at our running or daily life plan with aggravation or inner turmoil, pause for a moment, take a breath, repeat to yourself, "Champions adjust." An eerily inner calm sets in. It's as if the volcano has changed it's mind and decided not to erupt. We are quickly moved to make a positive change. We move forward. Plans adjusted. It all works out. Yep, with two words, fire averted. So thank you to the clever professor that gave my daughter wise words. I learned a lot.

Incidentally, we did go back to the museum on New Year's Eve. It turned out to be better than originally planned. Champions adjust. 

What a surprise to find the kidlets at the "Draw Minnie" class. 
Jake -the rebellion- draws Pluto
They are both over achievers.

Mary Poppins original costume
Vortex demo. Additional museum fun.