Sunday, October 24, 2010

..the next step is..."Girls on the Run."

I didn’t have many role models growing up, if at all.  I was born into foster homes for approximately 8 and half years before being adopted.   I was moved around from home to home.   After being adopted, my adoptive parents divorced and I lived with my father and his new wife.  It wasn’t a very positive environment.  Not horribly bad, but could have been better.  Life was just a bit more challenging.
Not a good cycle. 
I, in no way say these things because I am bitter, angry, or sad.  On the contrary, I have always looked to the positive and, of course, to running to help me through any rough times.  And as a preteen and teenager, those can come often.  I ran quite a bit as a youngster.  It seemed to help me help myself.    I believe that it is because of running that I am so happy and have stayed on a positive course.  It helped break a negative life cycle.   No matter the situation, I can overcome any obstacle or life’s challenges through running.  Not to mention, the health of it.
I’m actually glad it all happened.  I see it as a gift to help others. I hope to introduce “that kind of happiness” to these girls.  I want to be on their side.   I would like to show them that running can bring so much positive awareness to oneself.    It can bring confidence, inner strength, independence, courage & happiness.  Also, the blessings of hard work, to preserver and endure!!  I know by being there for these girls, I am also there for myself.   It gives me a warm feeling that I can be there for children, or ANYONE!!   And one day, they will be there for some other young girl or boy.   This is a better cycle to be in.
...just thought I'de share.

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