Friday, January 4, 2013

A 100 Days! Train & Create!

My new creative daily training log! 

I've been training so long it's hard to believe that the 2013 Boston Marathon is down to just 100 days!  So, to celebrate the occasion, I thought I would be a bit more creative journaling and logging my daily training.  It seemed like a perfect day to start. 

Hmmm..who does that lil' stick figure remind me of?

The creative bug has not hit me in a long time, and I am a bit rusty but very excited to log this way. I think it's a great motivator as well; train and create. Just like a marathon, it takes a few miles to warm up, so I'm hoping as the days go along, I will show more creativity. The ideas are already bubbling in my mind. 

XS please!

AND, I am excited at the fact to go to Michaels and buy more colorful ink pens. 
All put together in a convenient inexpensive binder.

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